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1. The Squashing of a Toad

2. "Shit! I'm Dead!"

3. The Woman Who Refused to Die

4. The Happiness Bug

5. A Night Without Television

6. If You Knew What I Knew

7. Small Talk

8. Baby Blues

9. Baby Blues Revisited

10. The Glass Man

11. Momma's Boy

12. Will You Please Listen, Please

13. Gaps

14. Ugly People

15. Slipping

16. The Bird Who Wouldn't Fly

17. 30-Day Notice

18. Song Bird

19. The Wind in the Wires

20. When Monsters Die

21. When He's Away

22. When Did We Get Old?

23. The Wind in the Wires Revisited

24. When Monsters Die Revisited 

25. Why Do You Hate Me?

26. I Want to Die

27. Alone at Last

28. At the Intersection

29. Spilled Cereal

30. Letting Go

31. Bed Wetting 

These stories, (most of them anyway) have a theme of relationships and communication.  I was fascinated for the two years these stories were written with the idea of how we don't pay attention to ourselves or others and the result can be comic, tragic and enlightening. 

Kimberly Heibel * Grand Rapids * MI * Phone: (616)540-3428, please leave a message.







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