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I'm currently working on a difficult little number by Lawrence Heibel called, "WILL YOU PLEASE LISTEN, PLEASE." It's striking painful nerves, and he writes with so much passion and emotion.  Really hitting home... Katie S. via Facebook post

 Oh my gosh, so many emotions as I think about what I would write if I tackled something like this. It would be much more of a memoir than anything else. This needs to be written by every single parent on the planet, and a tribute to what they felt from day one, and how they feel when their child no longer 'needs' them. I'm tempted to match this challenge from my own perspective. Great job!  Katie via Google + On "Baby Blues Revisited"

Thanks Larry.  Nice how it just takes a brief gesture to wash away all doubts and fears.   I really like this.  Rose via Google +  On "Baby Blues Revisited"

Hi Larry, I just read your new short-story, "30 day Notice"!!  I was questioning whether this story was fiction or non-fiction!!  You are a very good writer!!  I have been reading your Short Stories, Book and have really enjoyed what I have read so far!!  I read "New Blood" !   Your writings want you to finish the story in one reading!  It keeps your attention right through to the end!!  Stay inspired!   Lorraine O.  via Facebook



Absolutely loved the book! If anyone is looking for a good read, get Larry's book - it's great!  via Facebook from A. Adams
Just finished reading Reunion by Lawrence Heibel. Great book! Full of suspense & keeps you turning those pages to see what's next! And a side note: I don't know that I will be up for camping at Grand Haven park for some time after reading this. :)  D. McKay

New Blood

"The story flows really, really well and the pictures just enhances what the imagination has already put together.  Awesome job, good sir. Absolutely awesome!!!
 Michelle:) via email
"You have a great writing style.  Keep up the good work!"  L. O. via Facebook

Overture to Rain

"I had the privledge of reading "Overture to Rain" and it has a riveting ending. A good read."    Dave W. via Facebook
I read "Overture to Rain." Beautiful and haunting. Worth a second read!  Rose J. via Facebook

Termination Notice

I just read Door to Door & The Bee. I really liked them both.  I like that you put author notes on them also to let us know where they came from in that crazy head of yours.  Dana M. via Facebook

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