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Here you will find the works of deceased Writer and Author Lawrence R. Heibel.  He is sadly and deeply missed by his wife and family since October of 2015.  His words linger in his book.  I hope you consider purchasing the remaining books we have.  If you are interested, I have copies available.  Please contact me - 616-540-3428 and leave a message.


He was so very talented in both writing and photography.  He was a wonderful husband, father, uncle, brother, and friend.  He was creative and funny.  Had deep complex thoughts and ideas.  He was so very smart and so very loved. 



 Larry's wife Kim



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Here's the cover of the latest book! 




This is a collection of brand new short stories about

communication and relationships. 

What happens when we don't communicate and

what happens when we do. 

Includes some comedies and some tragedies.



ReunionFrontCoverW.jpgBack_CoverREUNIONw.jpgBay Haven State Park on the western shores of Lake Michigan is the perfect place for a reunion with a mile of sandy beach and miles of trails through forest and dunes.

Bestselling authors Ron and Pam Candleson plan to reunite with Ron's teenage children who he hasn't seen for five years.

Medium Steve Thorndyk plans to reunite with Ray Mondy, an angry soul who possessed Steve to make his way to the living world.

Ray Mondy, in a new host body, plans a surprise reunion with Ron and Pam Candleson to complete his brutal, vengeance-filled plans
left unfilled by his untimely death.

Bay Haven State Park: the perfect place to reunite with people you're dying to see....


"Absolutely loved the book! If anyone is looking for a good read, get Larry's book - it's great!" via Facebook from Audrey A.



This is an outlet where you can purchase the written works of Lawrence Heibel, a professional writer since 1992.


Lawrence has been writing stories since junior high.  He wrote for the Grand Rapids Press and other newspapers as a freelance journalist from 1992 to 2006.


With the ease of self-publishing, Lawrence has chosen the non-traditional publication route for his works.  However, if you are a literary agent or book publisher and would like to discuss potential publicationl, email Kimberly, his wife at mailto: kimdheibel@gmail.com






Kimberly Heibel * Grand Rapids * MI * Phone: (616)540-3428, please leave a message.







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